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  • Clan Rules The[clan name] aim to be a competitive and active Savage Clan, but we also heavily encourage a positive atmosphere based on respect, communication, teamwork, friendship, and a feeling to ...
    Posted Nov 5, 2011, 8:51 AM by Sadul Rosa
  • Welcome to the Clan Webpage Hi,This your leader, I welcome you to the official clan page, Here you will find all the info about the clan.
    Posted Nov 5, 2011, 8:51 AM by Sadul Rosa
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  1. Where it says [clan name] put your clan name.
  2. To edit text or add images, on the top right click edit.
  3. The chat on the right is a universal chat, but if you want your own chat for own clan, then go to shoutmix.com
  4. If you need more help, at the top left corner, click on template tips,
  5. REMEMBER: to erase this, because you dont want this on your new clan page! 
  6. Want your own free .com domain, just read below, it's not a  .com, its a .tk, but it's better than nothing.
Want a smaller url/domain?
 Instead of https://sites.google.com
/site/yoursite, with the smaller url, people can access your site easier and remember it better, gamestar.tk  if you want your own domain/url for free click the link below    But remember to use Domain Forwarding and  paste your Google site address (ex.https://sites.google.com/site/yoursite) as the referral site                                                                                                                            

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